1. Features

Short summary of MyRPC features:

  • No external dependencies.
  • Cross-platform capability.
  • IDL-based client and server stub generation.
  • Binary capable (no need for escaping of binary data).
  • Single roundtrip protocol, ideal for HTTP (but no limited to).
  • Support various data types: string, binary, signed and unsigned integers, floating point, list, structure and enumeration.
  • All data types are supported on all platforms.
  • Support exceptions.
  • Correct input validation of the received messages.
  • Legacy free code (since we are new :).

1.1. Target languages

MyRPC supports the following target languages:

Language Generator name Client stub generation Client API Processor stub generation [1] Processor API [2]
Python py Yes Sync Yes Sync and Async
JavaScript [3] js Yes Async Yes Sync and Async
[1]Also known as server stub. In MyRPC terminology it is called processor stub.
[2]In case of HTTP, asynchronous processor API can be used to implement long polling.
[3]Node.js and browsers are both supported.